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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can fence?
How long before I can have a proper fight?

Do I need to be fit to learn to fence?

Do I need my own equipment?

Is fencing safe?

Does it hurt when you get hit?

What should I wear for fencing?

What are the benefits of fencing?

Why does the Adult class overlap with the junior class?

What happens after I have completed the beginner course?

Why doesn’t Cobham Fencing Club offer taster sessions?

I really enjoyed my beginner and intermediate courses and want to take my fencing to the next level, what can I do?


Do I need my own equipment?

You will need to wear stretchy tracksuit trousers (not thin leggings), a T-shirt and trainers (preferably with a rounded heel and a sole that is not too thick – between 1cm and 1.5 cm is perfect).

We will provide you with everything else you need for fencing, as follows:

Plastron; A half-under-jacket designed to provide a solid panel of protective material between the seam of your over-jacket and the delicate underarm.

Breeches; Which are particularly fetching trousers that stop below the knee and reach above the waist to ensure that you are fully protected by forming a large overlap between breeches and jacket.

Jacket; A full jacket that goes over your plastron and protects your torso and arms.

Glove; only needed on your sword-bearing hand, it has a long cuff that covers the sleeve of your jacket to prevent your opponent’s sword from up the sleeve. Your other hand is held out of the way while you are fencing so does not need protection.

Mask; A very tough mesh which protects your face and head from hits. Masks are tested by firing a bullet-type rod into the mesh to ensure they are strong and sound. Masks showing any signs of dents and/or rust are discarded and replaced.

Chest guard: Usually only used by ladies although some men like the extra protection. Made from moulded plastic in various sizes, they cover the chest area and furl under the arms to protect delicate areas!

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