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Who can fence?
How long before I can have a proper fight?

Do I need to be fit to learn to fence?

Do I need my own equipment?

Is fencing safe?

Does it hurt when you get hit?

What should I wear for fencing?

What are the benefits of fencing?

Why does the Adult class overlap with the junior class?

What happens after I have completed the beginner course?

Why doesn’t Cobham Fencing Club offer taster sessions?

I really enjoyed my beginner and intermediate courses and want to take my fencing to the next level, what can I do?


Do I need to be fit to learn to fence?

Fencing is not hard work straight away; there is a fair amount of technical stuff to learn, so you can fence at your own pace while you are getting to grips with the fencing moves. Once you have mastered the basic moves you will be able to push yourself harder, and will soon work up a good sweat and satisfying muscle ache! You will be amazed at how quickly you develop your fitness – fencing is so much fun you won’t even realise how hard you’re working!

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