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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can fence?
How long before I can have a proper fight?

Do I need to be fit to learn to fence?

Do I need my own equipment?

Is fencing safe?

Does it hurt when you get hit?

What should I wear for fencing?

What are the benefits of fencing?

Why does the Adult class overlap with the junior class?

What happens after I have completed the beginner course?

Why doesn’t Cobham Fencing Club offer taster sessions?

I really enjoyed my beginner and intermediate courses and want to take my fencing to the next level, what can I do?


Who can fence?

We welcome beginners, intermediate and competitive fencers from the age of seven years upwards at Cobham Fencing Club (the oldest fencer that I have heard of retired last year aged 94). We can provide individual lessons for children too young to join the club from the age of five. Men and women can train together on more equal terms than many other sports that are more strength orientated. Timing and technique are the overriding skills needed to succeed at fencing.

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