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Who can fence?
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Do I need to be fit to learn to fence?

Do I need my own equipment?

Is fencing safe?

Does it hurt when you get hit?

What should I wear for fencing?

What are the benefits of fencing?

Why does the Adult class overlap with the junior class?

What happens after I have completed the beginner course?

Why doesn’t Cobham Fencing Club offer taster sessions?

I really enjoyed my beginner and intermediate courses and want to take my fencing to the next level, what can I do?


Is fencing safe?

Yes, fencing is a very safe sport. The protective equipment has been developed to a very high standard to protect you from being hit with the metal swords used in fencing. The equipment we use at Cobham Fencing Club complies with all the recommended safety standards and is regularly maintained and checked to ensure it remains safe to use. Any equipment that is unsafe is destroyed and replaced.

Most hard hits occur when the wrong distance and/or technique is used for hitting. We ensure that all our fencers have a good understanding of the correct distance to attempt a hit, and have learnt the technique required to perform a hit correctly without causing discomfort to their opponent.

All our fencers are taught safe practice when handling swords, and any dangerous behavior is dealt with very strictly.

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